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... number of residential fires started by a clothes dryer each year

    ... percentage of clothes dryer fires occurring in residential buildings

    ... deaths per year caused by clothes dryer fires

    ... injuries per year caused by
clothes dryer fires

    ... percentage of clothes dryer fires caused by a lint clogged vent

Most clothes dryer fires can be prevented!  Since over half of all clothes dryer fires start as a result of lint-filled dryer vents, there is a simple solution.  Have your dryer vent professionally cleaned. Even the US Fire Administration recommends that all dryer vents be cleaned regularly.  Let Lint Doctors reduce your risk of a fire while saving you money on your energy bill.

Warning signs that your dryer vent needs cleaning:
-It takes more than one drying cycle to dry your clothes
-Your clothes and the dryer are warmer than usual during and after a drying cycle
-The "flapper" at the end of your dryer vent does not fully open during a drying cycle indicating a blockage

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